My Portfolio Website


In 2023, I decided to finally make a personal website showing all, or most, of my work in my professional career. By 2023, I have completed my undergraduate in Computer Science in 2022 and I have been working in the software industry for over 2 years. So I had material to share.

The main goal of my personal website is to archive my work and to ultimately document my process of building & learning. As well as act as a central location for all my socials like LinkedIn, GitHub, GitLab, Twitter, etc.

How Does It Work?

The website is generated using a static site generator called Hugo. Most of the code/content is written in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Markdown. All the code is hosted in GitHub and the site itself is hosted on Vercel. The domain was purchased from Google Domains. To speed up the development of this website, I used a Hugo theme called hugo-blog-awesome where I forked the theme into this repo and modified it to make the site a little better for my use case. Here is a simple diagram showing the workflow of my personal website:

Future Plans?

Though out the year, when I get some free time, I will continue to update the website with new projects and career changes that comes my way. I also plan on keeping the structure of this website for 1-2 years. But, I do want to rebuild the website one day such that it is not just a static site anymore. I am weak when it comes to frontend development, so I hope to learn more frontend development and rebuild the site to be more dynamic and support more advance features.