2D L-System Generator

Project’s GitHub Repo


My implementation of a L-System generator, written in Python. The generator is designed to run in a unix based operating system like MacOS and/or Linux. The L-System pattern is generated in normal Python. The GUI uses the Python package, Tkinter, to provide a way for users to input values for the L-System generator. The Python package, Turtle, to daw and display the generated L-System pattern.

Generated Sample Patterns

How To Use

  1. Clone the project’s code from Github: https://github.com/MehmetMHY/2d-l-system

  2. Run the main.py script to run everything, with the following command (run this once and after you understand the warning message, then start running this command with the -nw option):

    # run with the initial warning message
    python3 main.py
    # run without the initial warning message
    python3 main.py -nw
  3. The script, after showing the GUI, generates an eps file with the L-System pattern. To convert an eps file to a png, you can use the eps_to_png.py python script by running a command like this:

    python3 eps_to_png.py example.eps example.png