Algorithm Challenges

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An assortment of academic, competitive, and/or hobbyist algorithms I’ve implemented over the years.


C Programs
Some scripts/projects I made using the C/C++ programming language

Jumping Jims Encore
My solution for an interesting graph problem. To see all the details, please view: Jumping-Jims-Encore-Problem/

Linear Partition 2 (LP2)
Both a recursive and dynamic programming solution to the following problem statement: Given a sequence S of n positive integers (s1, s2, …, sn) and an integer k, partition S into k ranges so as to maximizes the minimum sum over all ranges.

Traveling Salesman Problem
Implementations of the Nearest Neighbor and Optimal_TSP (brute force permutations) algorithms for the traveling salesman problem.

Website Challenges/Problems

Algorithms I implemented for HackerRank challenges, here is my account: mehmet_mhy

Dots & Boxes Analysis
Method/algorithms I created to try and analysis the game Dots & Boxes. Currently, only a 1x1 and 1x2 game has been analyzed. Read the located in ./Dots_And_Boxes/ for more information.

Basic Clock Solitaire

A clock solitaire solver done though the terminal console. To learn the more about clock solitaire though this wiki.

Bogo Sort Algorithm
A fun implementation of Bogo Sort. One of, if not the worst, sorting algorithms ever invented.

Uniform Cost Search
Implementation of Uniform-Cost Search, please view: Uniform_Cost_search/